10 things to watch on Netflix after a Break-Up.

Sorry to hear you’ve broken up. No matter how and why it happens, a break-up is never fun. I’m not going to sob on how you’re better off without him or anything like that ’cause who wants to hear that right? Instead; enjoy my list of things to watch on Netflix after a break-up. If […]

6 ways to slay the office or any workplace.

So you have a job? Good for you. Next step: own it and slay your workplace. Having a job is one thing but slaying it and being unforgettable is a totally different thing. This post will give you 6 ways to slay your office or any workplace you work at. It doesn’t matter what field […]

5 entrepreneurs proving that being unique works.

By being yourself and therefore being unique, you are always one step ahead of everyone else. It is extremely important to be unique and to be you when owning a business. You will see from the examples I use that it doesn’t matter what kind of business you own, being unique will make it work. […]

4 steps to get your Instagram theme!

Instagram is definitely my favourite form of social media! I love scrolling through feeds and finding awesome accounts to follow. I always admire people who have a theme on their Instagram and so I decided to put together the steps to getting a theme on your Instagram as well. Read on and find out about […]

Branding 101: for every business owner!

I am obsessed with branding! I just love it! I can look on Pinterest for hours to find awesome color palettes and cute fonts I want to use. In this post you’ll learn about the most important parts of branding. Branding is something every business should use I think, not just bloggers. Every business out […]