How to publish a book.

Inspiration, motivation and a dream. Do these three words make you think a publishing a book? Then you are in the right place. You can totally publish your book. A few days ago I published my first book and I figured I am not the only one who has this passion. Today I will share […]

Dealing with grief: how to face and deal with your loss.

Before I go on with writing this post I want to let you know that no matter what kind of grief or loss you are going through, allow yourself to feel and never ignore your own feelings. I decided to write this post because something special has happened. I published my own book and I […]

6 ways to use affirmations + free affirmations eBook.

If you are not familiar with affirmations; you’re gonna love this! And if you are; stick around for some awesome ones :)! Affirmations are all about self-empowerment and positive thinking and I am obsessed. There are several ways you can use them and I will talk about those ways in this post. With them you can break […]

bullet journal inspiration

11 Bullet Journal influencers on Instagram.

Part of the fun of having a bullet journal is the possibilities. Any layout is possible and you can add any spread you like. To help you get inspired I created a list of 11 bullet journal influencers on instagram you should follow today! 11 amazingly talented planners who will motivate and inspire you with […]

grow your blog

3 steps to grow your blog.

About three months ago I started this blog. My only regret so far is that I didn’t start my blog sooner. I truly fell in love with blogging and everything that comes with it. Today I feel lucky to have reached the numbers I reached and I hope my growth will continue this way. I […]